Protective Masks Save Lives

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According to the CDC, people should wear face masks in public to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our various protective masks filter Airborne Bacteria, Flu, and Coronavirus disease.
(as high as 98% filtration)

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Protective Mask Bulk Orders

Custom packaging is available for quantities over 100k
Call us for pricing 2,000 to 50 million.

Inner Box Packaging BULK WAPC

Protective Mask 40 boxes/case

Masks are packaged 2,000/case plus shipping & handling.
Drop shipping is available

Temporarily Out of Stock
until Tuesday April 21

People with no symptoms can spread viruses ... wearing a protective mask will help stop the spread of diseases.

Levels of Filtration

Our various protective masks are as high as LEVEL 3. Our 3 ply masks are comfortable, non-woven material that prevents harmful particulates while remaining breathable. 

3 Layers of the mask

Micro Droplets Spread Virus

Protective masks are an effective measure in helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus in addition to regular hand-washing and social distancing.

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